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Nanzer + Vitas

The main circulation links the exterior with the heart of the house; it is materialized as a purely horizontal concrete volume, which due to the slope of the land, in the access sector is detached from the ground at 2.20 meters high, acquiring the physiognomy of a box beam, forming a small atrium whose focal point is a zenithal window that frames the sky, so that every time someone enters or leaves the house executes involuntarily the archaic gesture of looking at the firmament, the vertical infinity that gives us back the precise scale of our becoming in relation to the universe. This circulation bridges the unevenness of the land and articulates all the spaces of the house; it is the place where people invariably walk through at all times. For this reason, it takes a central role in the project, giving continuity to the exterior landscape from inside the house through perforations that lead to internal or external gardens, creating a transition atmosphere between the outside and the domestic environments. A ‘main passage’ that links, orders, and leads to the rest of rooms, horizontally and vertically since it is connected to the main staircase in its intermediate rest; a typological determination that leaves both the upstairs rooms and the ground floor rooms with their own services, always equidistant and at a half level from the main meeting space, which is set around the kitchen and a fireplace.

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