a mid-century modern facade makeover

697bd07652_ work_

mid-century modern facade-the build

if there is something I love more than design, its construction-especially seeing the build progress.

The mid-century façade makeover is progressing well. Finding a contractor that understands the intent and be cost efficient is a hard task. The owners spent a lot of effort and time towards this and have persisted in not compromising.

While the end of the project is near, it will be some time before one can enjoy the front porch-till then, here are some photos….

697bd07652_ work_

mid-century modern facade makeover-flippin it over

once the design is approved, there is an important next step-other than to celebrate!

documenting design is a unique art. as the author of the project, the documents not only tell the story of the design, but also a guide and a step-by-step assembly of instructions. To do this, you have to know how the project will be put together and then disassemble it and bring it all together in a series of plans, elevations, sections and details.

trace paper is a great way to rough out the process. i start with a quick sketch of the structure I want to document and then i typically like to “build” on paper, almost like a “flip-book” and then separate them into instructions.

the below is what i did for this project. hope it helps explain the process.