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monte tauro residence

PPAA Pérez Palacios Arquitectos Asociados

The required project was separated and arranged based on three circulation axes on the ground floor plan, dividing the public axis, the service axis, and a bedroom block. This architectural approach aims to separate these three blocks in proportional volume and section, in order to make it noticeable that every block serves a different purpose for the project.


diagonal house

Frari – architecture network

the architectural piece is restricted by the alignments imposed by the Allotment Plan in which it is inserted, and which demarcates its outer limits. The volume resulting from these alignments is subsequently developed through a cut with a diagonal direction. This allows the volume to be separated vertically into two, with facades of different widths, to ensure the desired programmatic distribution. The separation by floors, and subsequent elimination of the upper west volume, results in a three-volume form, as a result of successive sections to the initial volume.

Each volume is treated as a “box” with uniform perimeter and whose tops, in the longitudinal direction, are opened. These glazed tops make up the front and back, north and south facades, respectively. The volumes allow different experiences inside and different relationships with the outside, where each one is oriented.


villa vatnan

Nordic Office of Architecture

Located on the edge of an established residential area with limited access and a steep topography, the site does however offer fantastic views from the private and shielded south-west facade.

The family desired a home for both everyday life and entertaining, where the primary rooms are all collated on one floor with generous sizes and well resolved spatial relationships. By lifting this main floor up to one floor above the natural entrance level, we captured the best of the views and the sun. The elongated body of the house shelters against the wind and creates an open private outdoor space, while the bedrooms and living areas all have direct access to the garden via a covered terrace stretching the length of the house.

The simple concept is reinforced by the overall simplicity in use of materials. The entire main floor is covered in pine boards, and the living room, kitchen and terrace are clad in veneered oak. The concrete is sealed throughout the house, and the ceiling height of 2.8 meters further contributes to the experience of the house opening up towards the grand view to the south-west.

The basement and main deck are cast in concrete and the gable and long walls to the north-east are clad in cedar wood.


casa aguacates

Francisco Pardo 

The home’s front portion is sunken below ground and is accessed via an exterior staircase on the south. This side of the house faces wild vegetation, in contrast to the “domesticated landscape” found in the rear.

“Thus, the project exists between two realities, functioning as a subtle expression of architecture’s ability to exercise control over – and coexist in pleasant tension with – its natural surroundings,” the architect said.

inspiration_ research_

corrugated iron

Corrugated iron’s ability to resist temperature change allows the interior of structures to remain cool even in extreme heat conditions, while its fire-proof quality only adds to the practicality of the material. Architects now realize, perhaps more than ever before, that the use of materials resistant to extreme and unpredictable weather conditions are just as important as sustainable ones.

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