Year: 2021


iberian peninsula

Known for its breathtaking landscapes and rich cultures, the Iberian Peninsula is also home to some of the world’s most incredible residential designs. From luxurious villas to quiet retreats, the diverse housing markets of Spain and Portugal embody the region’s varied climate and vernacular building history. Often created as either extravagant expressions or straightforward, orthogonal volumes with clean lines, modern residences in both countries explore clear transitions and how they define interior and exterior space.


brihadeeswara temple

The construction of the temple is believed to have been a celebration in which people from various places around gathered at Thanjavur and became a part, right from the religious inscriptions & sculpting to the construction & manpower. During the several years of construction, the entire population was sufficed with food & shelter, and many cultural events involving music & dance were held. This altogether made the emergence of ‘Thanjai periya kovil’ a lively celebration. These are reflected on the carefully-chiseled stone walls within the fortified complex, where the names of all the people involved have been carved and made its way into history. Even today, the cloister halls around the courtyard that accommodate the historical records in the gallery hymn to the ancient glory of the entire ‘Chola Nadu’ (Chola region).


wooden brise soleils

Few architectural elements transform space as efficiently as brise-soleils. Designed as permanent devices that help mitigate solar heat gain, these sun-shading screens are most readily found in hot climate regions. Responding to solar orientation and building form, architects use brise-soleils to rethink the building envelope and interior conditions. Usually shaped as horizontal or vertical fins, they can be made from numerous materials, including concrete, wood and metal. Today, brise-soleils are often used to shade large glass façades or expansive glazing.


architectural sketch educators

Morpholio Trace, the team who brought the architects’ canary yellow trace paper into the digital world, has been on a ten-year mission to help foster a drawing renaissance for Architects. “Drawing is a form of thought, and the iPad was crucial in re-centering sketching as a primary means of generating and sharing ideas,” says Mark Collins, Architectural Designer and Morpholio Co-Founder.


high desert retreat

Aidlin Darling Design

Sited on a rocky desert plateau outside of Palm Desert, this single-family residence is tightly nestled within a constellation of boulders, overlooking the Coachella Valley and the San Jacinto Mountain Range beyond. The materials of the home were chosen to quietly contrast the lighter palette of the desert landscape. The blackened wood siding is pine wood that is acetylated, burnt, wire-brushed, stained, and sealed. All of these treatments are intended to provide a highly textured finish that is bug and rot-resistant, and minimizes movement within a climate known for its large diurnal temperature swings.

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