renovation of a 2bed/2bath

411psv07001_ work_

411 on the after

While the renovation on the apartment was fast and furious, it was followed by an equally fast and furious reantal agreemnt.

However, with the new year, an opportunity to take another look at the work done presented itself…and some more photos.

Here are some images of the before, and the after of the kitchen.

411psv07001_ work_

411 on penny tile

really, what is a penny tile? why is it so cool and can we use it everywhere

You might be familiar with penny tile designs from a shower stalls and kitchen backsplash, where their unique coin shape gives surfaces a better grip. They are 3/4 to 1 inch across and laid on a mesh grid in various designs. They can come in penny round, hex (check out 31 shades of grey-or a hex on you), or square patterns.

penny round tiles are the perfect, timeless addition to any space. Use these charming round tiles to refresh and invigorate your bathroom floor, kitchen backsplash and more.

During the early 20th century, penny tiles were a popular choice. Penny tiles comes in ceramic, glass, or porcelain back in those days, but now you can get penny tiles in metal and even fine marble. It’s for this very reason that penny tiles are considered a vintage style that is coming back into favor as a new modern look.

it definitely does not cost a penny…maybe a pretty penny!!

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411 on this color

its winter (though its a summer winter), and while i cannot wait to see green, i seem to have a fixation on this color.

Its awesome that someone called this “blueberry pie”-i feel warmth and comfort all at the same time. Cannot wait to use this color! somehow i dont think its going to wind up on a wall!!

411psv07001_ work_

411 on inspiration

sometimes you see it right away, sometimes you just fly past it….today is a lucky day where a photo and its memories from a place visited years ago, comes right back to inspire more ideas

if you are ever in Marrakech , do visit the Jardin Majorelle