renovation of a 1bed/1bath

31kr07921_ work_

31 shades of grey-white

a small apartment, a small kitchen. small kitchens need more planning-the rules of the triangle are hard to implement as well as the recommended space between cabinets. but it does not mean that the functionality and utility of a workspace need to be compromised.

the original layout for the kitchen put all the cabinets on 1 long side and 2 short sides. this, however, ended up compromising the utility of the workspace. an alternate arrangement that creates a galley kitchen provides space where needed and a multitude of storage options-i was able to sneak in a small pantry too.

….and its white!!

31kr07921_ work_

31 shades of grey-black

Today we tried a bold approach to one wall that gets a lot of morning light and is also what will become the TV wall.

It is important to take into account what is going on the wall and its location relative to lighting as we selected the appropriate paint. While the color chosen is a little non-traditional, it helps ground the space and provides direction.

Cannot wait for the entire wall to be painted.

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