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Alexander Gorlin Architects

Nestled in the woods just below the crest of a hill overlooking a mountain lake in the Hudson River valley, this house is designed to blend into its natural landscape of boulders and rock outcroppings. Clad in a local granite of salmon and gray, with a green roof, sustainable mahogany windows with non-reflective glass, from a distance, the house dissolves into its surroundings.

Arriving up a winding driveway to preserve a number of mature groves of native trees, the house in section is set into a natural rock shelf into the cliff. This allows for an L- shaped plan that wraps around an internal rock garden, and entry into the level of living spaces; kitchen, dining and living areas. Since half the house is sunken into the hill, it takes advantage of the insulating properties of the earth which creates great energy efficiency.

The entry hall is paneled in reclaimed Canadian barn wood and opens into a hall looking into the adjoining garden. All rooms open onto a grand, one- hundred- foot terrace that looks into the forest so that the impression is one of being in a tree house. A cantilevered frosted glass canopy extends over the terrace to allow for living outside in inclement weather. The lower level includes all bedrooms and private spaces, each with a private terrace looking into the woods. The garage, guest wing and playroom are in the adjoining wing of the L- shaped plan.

From below, the house takes on a different appearance, of a castle in the woods, growing out of its rugged and rustic surroundings.

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