swimming this summer!

Swimming pools are huge investments and we typically do not do justice to their planning and design. We treat them as a “check box” that needs to be completed to increase our home value. More often than not, they are “pre-designed”, self contained (without regard to surroundings) and cookie cutter.

They should be more than that-they are one of the elements of design that are part of the architecture as well as part of the landscape-they need to be thought out and most importantly integrated into the design of your house.

A good pool will extend your living space significantly and must be designed as such. Technical considerations are vital, but planning it as part of the house design is important. Even if you are not considering a pool in your current renovation, try to plan for an option to add one later and design around this.

Below are a few examples of swimming pools that have been integrated into the architecture and landscape.

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