Month: April 2021


single family house with poolhouse

OostkaaiStudio Ambacht

The house is built with authentic, natural materials such as brick, concrete, and wood. Premium surfaces (walnut, dark oak and brown marble)were used along with truly ascetic ones such as polished concrete for the floors and exposed concrete for most of the ceilings. The facades are Kahn-inspired and made out of white-painted brick in combination with concrete and exotic afrormosia wood.


wye river house


The proposed concept consists of 4 connected ‘Living Rooms’ joined to create an enfilade, the careful positioning of the blade walls and window openings creates privacy and reinforces the identity and function of each room within an essentially open plan. The openings on the Northern facade shift slightly in relation to the function of the room. The external deck is ‘open’ to the public – for chatting with neighbours.


casa sal

RIMA Design Group

Our initial approach was to incorporate rammed earth construction to the most important spaces of the house and utilize a second material which is Concrete to express the other massing elements. The rammed earth walls are thermal insulating walls that also bring in warmth and humidity to the dry desert-scapes of the house. The walls contrast with the polished concrete floors, cement polished walls and T shape poured in place concrete slab over the great room. We wanted to explore the great room as an open palapa, which you commonly find in mainland coastal architecture. The light and cross ventilation come from the clear-story windows above, and the patios are located in every axis of the house, making this a passive design flow. Per the client’s request for conditioned comfort, every room had to be equipped with Air-Conditioned space for summer use, but the way we designed the flow of the house allows the fresh coastal breeze and sound of waves to travel through each space. The design also travels from inside to outside, creating a seamless transition from a comfortable interior space to a Mediterranean-Baja landscape. The equipment necessary to operate the single-story four-bedroom off-grid home was 48 solar panels on the central flat roof, inverters, lithium batteries, and a propane generator to assist the solar system during higher consumption or on cloudy days


ski slope residence

LaRue Architects

The 4,100 SF one-story ‘Hill Country contemporary’ residence sits on a 1.2-acre site on the west bank of Austin, TX. The homeowners reached out to LaRue Architects to design their lakeside dream home. The lot had an existing house – built in the 1950s as a vacation lake cabin – typical for the area. The original hexagon-shaped cabin was renovated with an addition added in the 1970s. When LaRue Architects and interior design firm, Britt Design Group, began to look at the initial design concept they were intrigued by the construction of the hexagon building. “We knew immediately that we wanted to remove the 1970’s addition and keep the original hexagon-shaped main living area. The building was situated close to the lakefront and is elevated providing 180-degree views of the lake,” says architect James LaRue.


concrete house

Raw Architecture Workshop

Concrete House is the first building in the world to be built of advanced Fibre Reinforced Concrete, a durable anti-cracking material developed by Cemex and tested for thermal and structural properties by the University of Zurich.


villa boréale

CARGO Architecture

The project’s design comes from a desire to revisit the historical architecture of the New France dwelling into a contemporary vernacular cottage. The high pitch roof with shallow overhang is characteristic of this early form of dwellings.Local materials with natural finishes, such as Eastern cedar cladding contrast with the charcoal matt metal standing seam. Moreover, the cladding seamlessly wrapping the walls and roof provides a strong signal of the whereabouts for the main house entrance.

Early into the design phase, the site was revealed as a powerful element of the project. By carefully positioning and sizing each window, specific external views were framed to create a stunning atmosphere bathing in natural light throughout the day. Subtle transitions between exterior and interior were made by pushing in and out some parts of the base geometry. Through its simplicity, the Scandinavian-inspired design captures the essence of the project: the surrounding landscape and abundant wildlife.

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