Month: November 2020


south indian architecture

Studio Context Architects

“The site is in a relatively low lying area, and is prone to flooding. This led us to design a structure on stilts,” says Ramesh. The home features a grand stairway accentuated by lush landscape, that welcomes guests inside. “Our clients—a young family of three—wanted an open yet secure home for their daughter to grow up in. The brief was to design the home keeping in mind a modern aesthetic woven intricately together with the concepts of a traditional regional house.”


two close between

Abon Studio

The most challenging process in this project was fitting a three level home with an extensive brief onto a compact site that was surrounded by other homes.  The design needed to suit the client but respect the neighbours in many aspects, which involved a lengthy design development process.  Solving this challenge and seeing it succeed became the most rewarding moment during the project and the name Two-Close-Between came about thereafter.  The name is derived from the constraints of the sites surroundings along with the functionality of the building.


villa korup

Jan Henrik Jansen Arkitekter

he characteristic ‘three legged’ plan was developed in order to delineate the different aspects of the landscape, accentuating their qualities and creating three characteristic courtyard like spaces; a sunny south facing sloped area to the south, a protected kitchen garden to the east and an orchard cum playground to the west. Internally, the plan provides central communal spaces for the large family to gather as well as more private, secluded spaces at the ends of the wings.


modular house


A modular home set into the pastoral countryside in Orange, NSW, Kangaroobie House was constructed from fully-welded structural steel frames and fabricated offsite in 12 weeks. ‘Our homes are are fully finished in our factory prior to being delivered to site,’ explains Modscape managing director Jan Gyrn. ‘All of the painting, tiling, cabinetry etc., is complete before leaving the factory. This minimises the amount of time required onsite and ensures we have a high level of quality control.’


AT Residence

Zani Arquitetura 

Located in a small farm, the AT House was designed in search for the best implantation and spatial organization based on the site’s natural profile: The ground floor’s block touches the land on the highest portion holding the social access of the house through the concrete porches. At the opposite side, the suspended block houses the garage and the service rooms on the lower floor.


3 in 1 housing

Street Monkey Architects 

The homes are almost completely powered by rooftop solar panels, and on-site batteries store unused energy that can be sold back to the grid. Additionally, the buildings’ energy consumption is measured on an ongoing basis to adjust for power needs.

Each two-story, 1,600-square-foot structure is composed of six factory-built modules that arrived on-site with finished interiors. Once erected, the facades were connected together to smooth over transitional moments between the homes. Four houses face east-west, while six have a north-south orientation—and all of the roofs are topped with solar panels angled toward the path of the sun.


pencil sketches by tom kundig

Tom Kundig, principal at Olson Kundig Architects — the Seattle-based firm renowned for its raw industrial style, expressive materiality, and stunning detailing. Tom Kundig’s monograph — simply entitled Works — recounts some of the studio’s most-loved built projects using personal anecdotes and photography and includes a large number of sketches that lay bare the thought process behind these masterpieces.



swisspearl largo nobilis

Concrete cladding

The large-format Swisspearl Largo panels give façades what they need: a face, individuality, character, texture, color, and most important, a highly effective protective layer. Swisspearl Largo allows an immense range of possibilities for the design of façades, with an extensive selection of surface options, various types of joints, fastenings, and panel formats that can be freely selected within the maximum useable size. For visible creativity and to meet the highest aesthetic requirements, in proven Swisspearl quality.

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