Day: October 6, 2020


millswood house

Studio Gram 

The roof terrace introduces otherwise unknown views across the roofs and the treetops of adjoining properties, removing the users from the ground plane, whilst strengthening the connection back to natural environment. The pool in the rear yard was raised 1200mm from the ground plane, eliminating the requirement for a traditional pool fence, whilst also raising users of the pool to the same height as those adjacent the pool in the entertaining area. The introduction of the raised pool creates a mid level between the ground floor and level one, allowing the opportunity for a circular path of movement between the ground floor, the pool, the roof terrace and the master suite.


lantern house

Timmins+Whyte Architects

clients wanted to live, cook, gather, and lounge, read and socialise in one sunny externally connected space. In order to give the functions definition, ceiling volumes and textures were utilized to create zones. A double height void space connects the landscaped spaces to the east and west both visually and physically, and a balcony area becomes a part of the space to read or converse. The scale of the void is grand like the original heritage listed part of the house at the front. But unlike its Victorian, heavy dark street address the extension is a light, bright breathing space of calm.⠀