Day: October 4, 2020


bona villa lahao stone houses

United Practice Architects | UPA

a combination of traditional craftsmanship and industrialization is used. The original stone walls of the building are renovated, and the stone masons are allowed to rebuild the walls in accordance with the traditional dry-laying method, which improves the lighting conditions of the building and also obtains a better view of the scenery. At the same time, there is a strong contrast between the new and the old, the lightness and the heaviness, and a dramatic effect is formed in the village.


whidbey island farm retreat


a local family sought a new home and retreat on the site of their family farm. Out of respect for turn-of-the-century agricultural buildings located on the site, the home ticks into the edge of a densely forested hillside, overlooking chicken sheds, a weathered red barn, cattle fields, and a fishing pond. The house appears intentionally modest and humble from the valley, deferential to the pastoral farmlands below. 

a palette of naturally weathered woods, concrete, locally quarried stone walls, deep oak window jambs, solo plaster walls, and black steel accents, the house strives to be warm and rustic yet simple, clear, and open