Day: August 22, 2020


a touch of personality

I love grids, and the scale and structure it provides. but I am also not trapped by a rigidity that one assumes with grids-i call it more of a guide than a grid. I sketch all my ideas on grid paper, but I ran out of it last week.

(i will “pen” a separate post on my writing and drawing materials…:))

To help me out in a pinch I decided to print a grid/dot paper of the internet. once I got hold of a good template, I took it to the next level by personalizing it with color to imitate various paper backgrounds, the official logo, and some well-appointed coffee and ink stains. In the week I have had it, its become a huge part of my brand, but I also loved the idea of having this online, so I can sketch on my computer-talk about 2 birds with one stone


black house

Dualchas Architects

persuasive integrity to the rigorous use of pure rectangular forms, the strictly limited palette of colour and materials, and the consistent purity of minimalist detailing throughout, which enriched by the inclusion of the art and artefacts of the owners, have succeeded in creating a calm, inviting and exceptional home.


oz house

Andrade Morettin Associates 

The house is built with exposed concrete and a modular wooden structure. The roof and facade cladding is made of metal tiles and a polystyrene filling for thermal protection.

The south façade, made entirely of glass, opens all interior areas to the view and extends them beyond the shell of metal tile with a large wooden roof.

On the north side, near the hill, the volume is enclosed by polycarbonate panels and high frames which protect the house from the sun.