Month: August 2020


cubo house

D’ Argenio Saravi Arquitectos 

The “cube”, strongly conditioned by the mandatory withdrawals, is actually a square-shaped prism of 9.40m x 9.40m and 6.60m in height, and it is located behind the lot in order to optimize the sunlight. The abstract prism houses both the interior spaces and the expansion semi-covered one. The organization of openings that pierce the outer enclosure, do not allow us to foresee the spatial complexity that awaits us when entering. The entire space is organized from a new orthogonal system rotated with respect to the enclosure.


holiday home

Stefan Schweighofer 

The shape, proportions and orientation of the building were developed with reference to the surrounding house structure. Through gentle transitions, the three-storey solid wood house blends harmoniously into the ensemble of the surrounding buildings. The black building with a gable roof, reduced to the essentials, adapts to the hillside location and the landscape, while retaining a self-confident aura.


charred teak wood

Studio Saxe

“Dark and matte materials were taken as inspiration from the surrounding natural landscape to create a harmonious dialogue between the dwelling and the lush mountain it now belongs to,” the studio said.

Large windows and glazed doors also wrap the property face views of the jungle landscape and distant ocean. The doors slide open to balconies that surround the building and tower over the ground vegetation. Roof overhangs offer shade to these outdoor areas.

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